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Making the markets work for you

Investment Banking

Drawing on strong relationships with leading financial and non-financial institutions, our open architecture allows us to work alongside different counter-parties to provide the most optimal solution for our client's needs.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a best-in-class Corporate Finance solution for the most complex of transactions, in order to help our clients achieve their objectives.


Our services include:​

  • M&A

We combine  structuring and advisory services with our vast network with equity and debt capital market relationships. Our senior professionals provide best advice in relation to

  1. Divestments / takeover responses,

  2. Debt & equity discussions,

  3. Restructuring  and other strategic propositions.

  • DEBT

Our Debt advisory services combined with loan underwriting arrangement capabilities, providing clients with a one window solution.



Our Equity advisory provides services to clients seeking to raise capital, including initial listings on stock exchanges, reverse mergers as well as follow on raisings for listed companies.

Examples of Successful Corporate Finance Advisory Transactions

Important: The above examples of "Recent Transactions" or "Examples of Successful Corporate Finance Advisory Transactions" reflect the type of transactions Halkin has undertaken on behalf of its clients.  Please note the information above, some of which has been adapted to ensure client confidentiality, should be considered for informational purposes only and the types of returns indicated above should be not relied upon and should be considered as an example.

As with all investments, there is always an element of risk and you may not get part or all of the capital back that you initially invested.  Before making investment decisions you should seek advice from your Financial Advisor to ensure you understand the risks.

The examples involve corporate clients and is part of Corporate Finance and Investment Management Service