JULY 2019 - Vision 2020, as approved by Halkin's Executive Committee

Halkin Investments LLP (“Halkin”) endeavours to remain a forward-thinking boutique firm, to ensure our clients always get the first-class and up to date service in a fair, transparent and cost-effective manner and continue to do so as the world of Financial Services evolves. With this in mind, we are looking to proactively align ourselves with the evolution of Financial Services and digitalise our offering to our clients. We acknowledge that this would complement our current offering to our clients. Notably with regards to client money accounts, execution, readily available client reporting and active risk management in a digital way.

Halkin will conduct rigorous market research and will seek to work with the most appropriate best of breed Digital platform, to create a bespoke system for our clients. Halkin would like to apply Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) in Investment Management and Risk Management to create a level of predictability for the Investor.

Mr Bashir Ahmad, CEO of Halkin Investments LLP, initiated the project by the name of Project MERLIN with careful delegation internally for Halkin to prepare the firm for this journey to digitalising the platform and offers for our clients. Whilst commenting on the vision, Mr Ahmad said that traditional private banks and custodians have lost their competitive advantage based on the inefficiencies in the system and a reactive approach as opposed to a proactive approach, which is very much the ethos here at Halkin. Harmoniously bringing together the needs of a Professional Client and applying the advanced technological solutions available where an appropriate suite of services will be available. Our mission is to align ourselves with the fundamentals of the banking ecosystem.