JUNE 2018 - Investment Committee Meeting

Halkin’s Investment Committee convened at the end of June, a time when the new US motivated trade ‘war’ was picking up momentum, Brexit negotiations were speedily going nowhere, the ECB were perplexed as they gazed into the mirror of EU macro data that conflicted with their desire to raise rates, Oil was rising, inflation only limped, Emerging Markets were feeling the pain of China’s perceived slowdown and Trump’s sabre rattling.

All of the above provided ample scope to go through our investment strategies with thorough investigation. Some of the conclusions underpinned our thinking. Chief amongst which was our preference for high liquidity, and reducing our top heavy exposure to Fixed Income debt, but not at the expense of income.

The above is not intended to be Investment advice and should be understood as such. All investments carry risk and you may get back less than you originally invested.