MARCH 2020 - Food packages in the time of need

The firm is very conscious of the impact that COVID-19 will have on those in remote and less developed parts of the world.

We have previously supported a charity that is focusing on Education and Sustainability for the underprivileged people in Pakistan and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working with them on initiatives where we can support and have an impact at a human level to aid in hard times.

We have devised a plan together to prepare and distribute non-perishable food packages to a minimum of 500 deserving families in Pakistan - based upon an average of 5 members per family. These food packages will include items that should sustain a family for 6-8 weeks and will help tackle hunger and hardship in light of the Coronavirus as local government restrictions are hampering people to provide for their families.

As a firm, we give heartfelt thanks to all those on the front line tackling the virus across the globe.


Tuesday 7th April 2020 marks a milestone. Phase one where 285 families in remote parts of Pakistan received a non-perishable food package that should sustain a family for up to 8 weeks. Phase two will be ready shortly and we hope this effort will reach out to over 500 families.