Update on our CSR & ESG initiatives

At Halkin we don’t just believe in having policies and guidelines on sustainability and responsibility, we believe in living by this goal by making a personal commitment.

The firm has embedded both ESG and CSR objectives in polices on the Governance and Investment Management side.

The firm has, and will, aim to reduce the carbon foot generated directly or indirectly from its operations. This includes action taken in the form:

  • Elimination of physical printing, opting for electronic & digital documentation instead.

  • Encouragement of using a bicycle for short commutes.

  • Use of video conferencing tools for internal and external meetings (Zoom & Microsoft Teams)

  • Opting for a Hybrid corporate car and considering giving staff loans to purchase electric bicycles.

  • Ensuring as much as possible to source supplies from sources compliant to ESG criteria.

Moreover, the Governance model employed by the firm reflects these initiatives. This includes principles such as independence, transparency, and alignment of interest. This applies to all stakeholders from clients, employees, directors, and suppliers.

On the corporate social responsibility side, the firm has taken the following positive steps to create to ensure it gives back:

The firm has selected objectives from UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)

  • Zero Hunger: The firm is active in arranging food supplies for the poor and needy especially during COVID times when the lively hood of vulnerable people is in jeopardy. Over the last 18 months, food packages for 2,000 plus families were arranged for consecutive 3 months. This is an ongoing initiative where the firm will contribute as and when required.

  • Good Health and Wellbeing: The firm has been active in contributing directly and indirectly to the establishment of a charitable Hospital in Ivory Coast. In addition, the firm has also contributed to an Eye Hospital in Burkina Faso, West Africa. For this initiative, the firm has worked closely with Humanity first, a U.K. registered charity. The firm also contributed to Frenford Youth Club in Ilford, providing them with workstations and furniture which are being used by charity workers.

  • Quality Education - The firm has sponsored 12 students for boarding, lodging and education. This will be an ongoing sponsorship until the students finish high school. This initiative has been taken with the help of Fazilia Trust, a U.K. registered charity.

In regards to Investment Management, the investment team at Halkin always make a conscious effort to consider the ethical and social implications of their investments. This is done so by thorough due diligence of our investments, whether they are funds, single-line equities or structured products. In addition, the firm has also constituted an independent board and investment Committee to address the high-level issues related to Corporate Governance to ensure best practices on the Investment Management side

To learn more about our initiatives, please visit the contact us page.