Halkin Investments LLP change of Legal Status to Halkin Investments Holdings Limited.
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Halkin Investments Holdings Limited is an independent Investment Management and Investment Banking firm, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are dedicated to providing bespoke solutions to help our clients grow and safeguard their wealth and assets – and transfer these securely to future generations.
Adding value, managing risks appropriately and ensuring a transparent relationship. We believe that the alignment of interests with our clients is key to alpha generation and outperformance. Our Investment philosophy is based on a risk-return model.
We offer honest, fair and transparent solutions to appropriate clients. We are always open to the opportunity to discuss our services further with you.  Please contact us if you have any query.
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At Halkin Investments our primary objectives are to help preserve and enhance our client’s wealth, manage risk and provide suitable solutions to meet our client’s financial objectives. Leveraging a highly skilled in-house team and our wider network of investment professionals, we advise, educate and empower clients to make informed investment decisions to achieve their financial goals.
"The driving force behind establishing Halkin was a desire to strive for the best and create value for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Families. I have a strong view that banks have lost their competitive advantage and are not structured well enough to provide a holistic solution to ever demanding UHNWI"
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Halkin is a consistently evolving firm going from strength to strength. We endeavour to keep our clients and professional counter parties abreast with the recent transactions where the firm has generated considerable value for the underlying clients.
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