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Halkin recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully refinancing a prime commercial real estate property. This strategic move, valued at £90 million GBP, exemplifies Halkin Investments' commitment to optimizing its real estate portfolio and seizing advantageous market opportunities. Through meticulous evaluation of market conditions and close collaboration with renowned financial institutions, Halkin Investments secured a highly favourable refinancing package. The transaction not only enhances the financial flexibility of the firm but also reinforces its reputation as a trusted leader in commercial real estate. With this successful refinancing, Halkin Investments continues to deliver innovative solutions that drive long-term value for its clients and solidify its position within the industry.


November, 2022

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Streets of London


Halkin recently concluded a significant transaction involving the refinancing of a high-value residential real estate portfolio. With an impressive value of £125 million GBP, this strategic move underscores Halkin Investments' dedication to optimizing its residential property investments and capitalizing on the vibrant London real estate market. Leveraging their deep industry knowledge and extensive network, Halkin Investments successfully secured a favourable refinancing package that enhances the portfolio's financial strength and positions it for continued growth. By meticulously analysing market dynamics and leveraging their expertise, Halkin Investments has demonstrated their ability to navigate the evolving real estate landscape. This transaction further solidifies their reputation as a trusted partner in the residential real estate sector, committed to delivering exceptional results and maximizing value for their esteemed clients.

November, 2022



In a complex international transaction, Halkin Investments has advised a client as buyer in relation to the acquisition funding for the purchase of a significant interest in a Pakistan registered sub-marine fibre optic cable operator, from an Egyptian seller. Funding was provided by Equity fand structured debt facilities from both a club of Pakistani banks and a bilateral bridge finance with security over assets in UAE.


The deal was originated and structured by asset managers: Halkin Investments Middle East (Dubai), aided by Halkin Investments Holdings (London), and successfully delivered within a short timeframe.


Managing Director of Halkin Investment Middle East Limited comments “this is a very unique transaction in Pakistani telecom sector which had multiple geographies and multiple financial institutions involved. We are committed to our global client base for customised solutions”.


Mr. Bashir Ahmed, CEO Hakin Investment Holding Limited comments that “this deal, which ran for more than 6 months, showed our capabilities in an international acquisition deal. It highlights for our sub-continent and MENA practice and our banking team and shows that we can do the highest quality international work.”

Critically, the deal represented another demonstration of Halkin Investments ability to do complex international debt transactions for corporate clients and banks.


January, 2022

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Halkin was mandated to advise on sale of a sporting asset. The deal involved divestiture in international brand of sporting asset with value of USD 200 mln. The deal was a complex transaction involved cross boarder jurisdiction, legal structures, financing requirements and adhering to licensing regime. It was successful executed by Halkin team, earning admiration from both seller and buyer.

July, 2019



Halkin successfully closed a Real Estate transaction in Central London for the value of GBP 20 million. The transaction was structured with a fairly high Loan to Value despite a challenging Brexit climate, with the remaining purchase cost arranged through lending on the Client’s existing liquid portfolio.  The client was therefore able to acquire 100% of the asset without any direct cash contribution. 

The portfolio is being managed by our Investment Team in line with the Client’s risk profile and with the objective to generate sufficient income to cover all of the client’s debt servicing costs.


April, 2019




Halkin structured a non funded facility valued to USD 25m with the help of a bank by securitising the credit facility 90% against Real Estate and remainder 10% against cash. 

December, 2017



Halkin recently closed a challenging transaction which involved financing of two luxury super yachts valued at circa EUR 45m for an Ultra High Net Worth client. Halkin was able to successfully structure a competitive debt package, allowing a higher Loan to Value to refinance the existing debt and generate additional liquidity for the client.

An Investment Portfolio was structured to generate sufficient returns in order to offset regular loan repayments and to cover administrative and insurance related costs associated with the yacht. The lending was provided via an external capital provider.

October, 2017

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Large Residential Real Estate in London valued at GBP 60m with an existing debt of around 50%. Halkin restructured the debt through a capital provider at a considerably higher Loan to Value resulting in a comfortable equity release 


The liquidity generated was then leveraged to create a diversified portfolio to target a return of over the agreed benchmark. The income from the portfolio caters for the debt servicing as well as client expenses for maintaining the property hence making the asset self paying and generating excess liquidity on top.

July, 2017



Halkin recently closed a complex corporate transaction by structuring a senior debt via a bank on a hotel in Central London valued at over GBP 130m.


The transaction involved various jurisdictions and holding companies.

Halkin centrally coordinated and efficiently navigated the transaction all the way through to smooth execution.

June, 2016

Image by Raul Varzar


Halkin Investments, has recently completed a remarkable transaction, showcasing its expertise in the Acquisition Finance domain. Leveraging its strategic insights and robust financial network, Halkin Investments successfully secured three highly coveted trophy hospitality assets valued at £750 million GBP. The transaction involved meticulous analysis, extensive due diligence, and skillful negotiation, ensuring that Halkin Investments secured the assets at a competitive price. This achievement exemplifies the company's commitment to delivering outstanding investment opportunities while maintaining a strong track record in executing complex and profitable deals within the hospitality sector.

March, 2011

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