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July 2020 

Halkin has participated in the fundraising initiatives which have reached in excess of £5k for Masroor Eye hospital in Burkina Faso. 
The hospital will focus on neglected tropical diseases such as trachoma and river blindness. These represent major eye related health problems in Burkina Faso.
This is a charitable project that provides free treatment for those patients who may not have the ability to fund their required eye operation to prevent blindness.
The above reinforces Halkin’s continued commitment to Global Sustainability Goals where Healthcare is a main area

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April 2020 - Milestone

Tuesday 7th April 2020 marks a milestone. Phase one where 285 families in remote parts of Pakistan received a non-perishable food package which should sustain a family for up to 8 weeks. Phase two will be ready shortly and we hope this effort will reach out to over 500 families.

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March 2020 - Food packages in the time of need

The firm is very conscious of the impact that COVID-19 will have on those in remote and less developed parts of the world. 


We have previously supported a charity which is focusing on Education and Sustainability for the underprivileged people in Pakistan and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working with them on initiatives where we can support and have an impact at a human level to aid in hard times. 


We have devised a plan together to prepare and distribute non perishable food packages to a minimum of 500 deserving families in Pakistan - based upon an average of 5 members per family. These food packages will include items which should sustain a family for 6-8 weeks and will help tackle hunger and hardship in light of the Coronavirus as local government restrictions are hampering people to provide for their families. 


As a firm, we give a heart felt thanks to all those on the front line tackling the virus across the globe.

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February 2020 - Art auction for Graham Layton Trust, Dubai

Our CEO, Mr. Bashir Ahmad, attended an event in Dubai hosted by the Graham Layton Trust. The event raised a considerable amount where Mr Ahmad, on behalf of the firm, participated in the charitable auction, to which he purchased two paintings from local contemporary artists. The proceeds of the purchase will go towards carrying out eye operations for the poor and needy in Pakistan. 


On this occasion, Mr. Ahmad reiterated his and Halkin’s commitment to support charitable activities in areas of Healthcare and Education. He commented “We are a responsible company and paying back to society is ingrained in our Corporate Culture and Values”


Graham Layton Trust (GLT) was founded in the same year (1984) as the Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) itself, in order to provide crucial financial support from the outset.  While our partner LRBT manages the operational process, GLT focuses on raising awareness, building the campaign and growing financial support for LRBT.

GLT and LRBT work closely together to ensure fundraising efforts are linked to the needs of the hospitals and patients in Pakistan. 

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January 2020 - Sponsorship Programme


In the beginning of 2018 Halkin Investments set up a Sponsorship Programme in the honour of a dear colleague and friend of ours who had recently passed away. The programme has proudly supported children in Pakistan from underprivileged backgrounds by sponsoring their boarding/lodging, tuition fees, uniforms and necessary books.

For 2020 we have more than doubled our sponsorship for this worthwhile programme, increasing the number of students we support and have also decided to participate in the sponsorship of a kitchen unit outside the District hospital in a poor and remote region of Kashmir. The aim is to provide free food and drinking water at lunchtime for up to 100 deserving people from the local area on a daily basis. There will be participation from local volunteers to prepare food and to distribute it amongst the poor and needy people. 

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October 2019 - Humanity First Ivory Coast Hospital Project

Halkin Investments was a core sponsor of the event held at KPMG club in Mayfair, to support fund raising and create awareness for a charity hospital project in Ivory Coast. The theme of event was Africa “the partnership of the future”. 


​The event included Doctors, Senior Consultants and Specialists from hospitals across London who gave their account on the previous projects carried out by Humanity First (a UK registered charity), notably the Nasir Hospital in Guatemala and their continued support for the upcoming hospital in Yopougon, Ivory Coast. 


Halkin's Chief Executive Officer Mr. Bashir Ahmad supports the charity as the Chairman of the event committee and invited many distinguishing guests including dignitaries and business leaders. 


Mr. Ahmad thanked KPMG and Credit Suisse as sponsors and all the volunteers involved for their support and role in making the event a success. 

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August 2019 - Our Chief Executive Officer Mr. Syed Bashir Ahmad,

for and on behalf of Halkin Investments LLP, has made a contribution to The New York Foundation for the Arts for the film "salam, the first ----- nobel laureate", a feature length documentary about the Nobel prize winning Pakistani physicist, Abdus Salam.

“A powerful film on a great Pakistani genius, seeking self perfection-inspiring, heartwarming, sad, all at the same time.”

Naseeruddin Shah, Actor

Salam .PNG

“This moving film is a beautifully sensitive treatment of a wonderful world citizen, his life and his struggles. It deserves to be seen by everybody.”

Richard Dawkins, Evolutionary Biologist/Author

“A vital piece of our history. I highly recommend this wonderful documentary.”

Mahershala Ali, Oscar-winning Actor

“A film on him is very timely. His story of brilliance needs to be told and amplified"

Malala Yousafzai,
Nobel Laureate


The film reveals the extraordinary life of the charismatic Abdus Salam, in all its color, vitality and tragedy. It is the story of a man who traversed two worlds with ease: one of science and religion, modernity and tradition, war and peace and obscurity and celebrity.

When he won the Nobel prize in 1979, he became the very first Pakistani to achieve this distinction, and only the fourth from the subcontinent.


Born in 1926 in a remote village in Punjab, British India, Salam was a child prodigy. He came from humble beginnings, growing up in a small brick house with a large family of eleven. While Salam’s legacy looms large in the world of physics, he is largely forgotten in Pakistan because of his faith. Children do not read about him and he is still vilified and maligned by right wing clerics for being a “Qadiani" - a derogatory term for someone belonging to the Ahmadiyya community.


By telling this complex story of a man who due to extremism could not strengthen his people as he so deeply desired, the film draws attention to the state of affairs in the world today, where knowledge is sacrificed at the altar of ignorance and intolerance, depriving the coming generation of all that is precious.



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2018 - Charity Walk for Peace

Halkin's Contribution for a Nobel cause

Over 4,500 participants convened on the grounds of Windsor Great Park on Sunday April 29th to show their support for the annual Charity Walk for Peace.

Halkin donated a generous amount, and has been an active participant in the charity work

For further information on the event please visit:

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The Fazilia Trust Pakistan

Fazilia Trust Pakistan was founded in 1993 by Khawaja Muhammad Azam Shah under the societies Act XXI 1860 to help the poor and needy and improve the lives of downtrodden and underprivileged people of the society.

Fazilia Trust Pakistan is a multi-sectoral, developmental, non governmental, non political Organization FTP that works for the improvement of neglected sectors of underdeveloped and underprivileged regions with the aim to promote self-sustenance in the communities.

Fazilia Trust Pakistan.png

In Q1 2018 Halkin sponsored three children for their accommodation, education and boarding on an annual basis.

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We do our bit and we're proud of it


It's nice to have our meeting room's lights on, but we keep them off at all times unless they're being used.


Soon, we at Halkin will only use 100% recycled paper.

We only print when absolutely necessary, and when we do, we use double sided printing


We purchase only Fairtrade tea.  

Behind our cups of tea people face low wages, discrimination and the hard choices living in poverty can bring.  Through Fairtrade, they can improve their working conditions and learn how to improve the way they farm and manage their environment.




In any instances that we may not be able to recycle, then refuse to purchase or consume. Simply avoid using plastic bottles, plastic bags, straws, cups and plates that cannot be reused over time. Use long-lasting, glass or paper alternatives.


Unfortunately, there may always be situations where one simply cannot avoid buying plastic. In these situations we try to reduce the the use at all costs.


We reuse items that are nontoxic can easily replace plastics.


We use recycle boxes in the office for paper and cardboard.

Raise Awareness

We share our actions with our friends and family, and we incentivize all around  us to do the same.


Please note: The appearance of external links on our website does not constitute endorsement by Halkin Investments Holdings Limited on the information, products or services contained therein and Halkin Investments LLP does not exercise any editorial control or responsibility over the information you may find at these locations. Although we make every effort to ensure these links are accurate, up to date and relevant, Halkin Investments LLP does not take responsibility for pages maintained by the external websites.  

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